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VITALIST Facial Tonic

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Glimmer Tonic is an instantly  refreshing facial toner, enriched with glycolic acid that gently exfoliates dulling dead cells on your skin’s surface to reveal the ‘new’ healthy skin cells underneath. Aloe then soothes and hydrates while oxygenating ginseng promotes cell health and skin vibrancy; witch hazel firms and tones, while horse chestnut boosts blood flow, to grant your complexion a naturally fresh and dewy radiance

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About Our Product

Glimmer Tonic contains Glycolic Acid. It’s the answer to all your hyper-pigmentation woes, that’s for sure. It is an AHA, or Alpha Hydroxy Acid. It increases luminosity of the skin because it exfoliates the outermost dead layer of the skin and improves the reflection of light on the skin. Unlike scrubs, when Glycolic acid is used at the right percentage and when done appropriately, it’s a much gentler way to exfoliate the skin. Aloe Vera it supports the production and release of collagen, can speed up wound healing time and limits scarring, it has an antioxidant effect that can help repair sun damage and slow down the aging process of the skin, it protects the skin from the damaging effects of radiation therapy, it helps to make the skin more flexible and supple, rather than stiff and leathery It has a cooling effect on rashes or sunburn. Ginseng Extract’s incredible balancing and rejuvenating qualities make it as important in skin care as it is in health and wellness. Ginseng root contains numerous bioactive compounds, and vitamins B1, B2, B12, pantothenic acid and minerals, which help increase oxygenation and circulation to skin cells for a healthy glow.

Use it after cleansing. Sweep a saturated cotton pad across face and neck for a healthier, balanced complexion that’s ready to glimmer

Express your personality and boost your confidence.

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